There’s an old saying, inspiration can come from anywhere and it really is true because the inspiration behind Kerry the Unicorn and Her Adventures in Space, came from a birthday card if you’ll believe it.

It was April 2019, the world was in lockdown and the love of my life and I were separated. Her birthday was coming up and because I didn’t want to chance the shops, risk purchasing a card and posting it to her, I opted to do something a little different.

Taking a piece of paper out of a printer and an assortment of colouring pencils from a faded burgundy pencil case, I began drawing a birthday card. I thought about things I knew my partner loved, Unicorns, edible flying saucers, pistachio nuts, space and large rosy red lips.

The scene was set and before I knew it, the entire cover of the card was drawn out, coloured in and for good measure, certain things were highlighted with a black pen to finish it all off. I then took to writing a personal message inside and admired my handiwork.

It had been a long time since I took the time to draw like that and I was pleased with my handiwork, but all of a sudden, my brain decided more could be done. It had created this world and colourful cast of characters, but it wasn’t finished.

I began fleshing out backstories for some of the characters and before I knew it, I was sat down at my laptop, compiling an extensive series of notes, enough to write a series and then I ditched the notes and actually started writing. It wasn’t long before I found myself typing the words ‘The End’.

Still, just because the story was written, it doesn’t mean it was the end of that story as I soon shared it with my partner and her children, all of whom loved it, encouraging me to try to go even further with it and so I did, leading me on the path you see me on now, ready to release my book with publisher Austin Macualey.

What more is there to say except… “It’s Showtime!”

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